This project is about how to develop a interface to faciliate the searching and retreival in the large digital collections for portable devices. Issues about navigation of large photo collections have been studied for years. Associated interfaces tend to provide a single usage to deal with all kinds of photos and an integrated interface is rarely addressed. As the everyman photo collection consists of photos of various contexts, we advocate browsing different types of photos by different interaction techniques and presentation models. We present Phorigami, a photo browser based on proposed metacategorization to enable searching by browsing. We describe the mapping between the six categories and the origami arts in terms of examining paper models with different levels of folding and the potential benefits for end-user
experience is discussed in the end.
Objective of the study

All the time, we look for the intuitive interface to enhance the usability. While the haptic manipulation is indispensable in human machine interaction. In the case of browsing, we trace back to natural human interaction in gestures to see how people "do" for browsing physical objects. Here we propose a mobile interface using 3 haptic manipulation to facilitate the photo browsing on mobile devices.

The management of the digital collections becomes more and more complicated while the storage capability goes larger. As in the large contents, the efficiency to find a target would be come a challenge for interface design. The mobile device has its own characteristic both in physical size and specific interaction model different from that of desktop. An more intuitive interface will be required not only to embody the feature of mobile devices but also to enhance the usability.
Design concept
In my belief, one of the best solutions to interact with the NEW digital media is to reuse what we used to do . We could apply the essential part of the interaction model from our PAST experience which would be more natural and costs nothing to learn. As a product designer, I realize much more how users interact with products, much more what is the core of interaction. Therefore, my design idea aims to develop "retro-interaction" to deal with digital media. For a designer, to invent is one thing while to innovate is still another
We choose a mobile photo browser as an implementation to apply our proposed interface.
This research is partly published in HCI International 2009. PDF
This research is partly published in the 6th International Workshop on Design & Semantics of Form & Movement 2009. PDF
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
  Try demos in Processing : >>> Accordion, >>> Rolodex, >>> Simple fold
This project is collaborated by Orange Labs France.
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