This project is about how to develop new type of auditory progress bar by a systematic method and to apply the result to an auditory application

In this paper, we focus on the method to explore a different type of auditory progress bar by analyzing the characteristics of the visual progress bar and contexts of auditory application. A scenario of bearing in the forward/reverse modes of digital compass is selected to implement the auditory progress bar. The auditory cues play an interactive role in the bearing that they are altered according to the user¡¦s operating behavior. Composed of sound signal and silent pause, the auditory cues are generated from a formula based on the warm/cold metaphor. A method incorporating the foreground/ background sounds is also designed to provide different ranges of progress information/progress update expressed through auditory cues. In this report four versions of auditory cues are presented as the solution to the interactive auditory progress bar and a pilot study is evaluated.

The auditory feedback plays an important role when users are overloaded in vision. The auditory feedback could be annoying when applied in the wrong contexts. we explore the possibilities of applying multi-layer auditory cues in a specific context to enchance usability.
Auditory Compass
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This part of research is published in the HCI international 2007. PDF
This project was done as the final project of DEA degree in CNAM.
2007-2008 Xocial Research in Laboratory CEDRIC CNAM . Paris