The Cedric Lab (Centre d'Etudes et De Recherche en Informatique du CNAM) gathers research activities in computer science at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Mtiers). Cedric members belong to the CNAM STIC department, and are researchers and teachers in computer science or mathematics at CNAM, Paris or the IIE (Institut d'Informatique d'Entreprise), Evry. The Cedric research topics are deployed along five directions:
  • / Reliable systems : Certified Design and Programming
  • / Information systems and Databases
  • / Networks, Systems and Multimedia
  • / Combinatorial Optimization
  • / Statistical methods for data-mining and learning
The Cedric performs fundamental and applied research, is in touch with main industrial and public institutions around NIT, and cooperates with many labs in Paris, around France, or abroad. The lab is funded by fundamental research contracts (ANR) or technology transfers, and participates in French or European research networks (RNRT, IST). The Cedric lab participated in the creation of the ple de comptitivit "Image, multimedia et vie numerique (IMVN)" (Image, multimedia and digital life competitivity pole), that will be started in Paris. The Cedric lab is deeply concerned by teaching activities. Cedric's members were active is the achievement of the European LMD reform: the CNAM now offers since 2004 high-level masters in all of the lab's research topics, in collaboration with other universities (Paris VI, Paris I, La Rochelle, Poitiers). laboratory in Paris area.
Some of our best students continue with doctoral studies at the Cedric or in private institutions (Cifre, Anvar, Fongecif funds). Finally, the Cedric Lab plays a important role in the ENJMIN (Ecole Nationale Suprieure du Jeu et des Mdias Interactifs -- National school on interactive medias and games), which opened at Angoulme in 2004. On the 1st October 2005, the lab counts 49 permanent researchers, around 50 Ph.D.students and 1 administrative staff. The annual operating budget (not including salaries) is around 208 KĄZ, with 42% from a recurring funding from the French minister of research, technology and education, completed with our own grants and contracts. The Cedric lab is labeled by the French minister of research, technology and education as an "Equipe d'Accueil" (EA 1395) since its creation. Its size and maturity make the Cedric the largest CNAM laboratory and one of the renowned computer science
  (This text is from the official website of CNAM-CEDRIC)
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